Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shark teeth and Emily Dickinson

sea grass pulp in empty studio waiting for paper maker

holiday cards, bottle cap test paper and shark's teeth

Last Monday I was convinced by my dear friend Rose, to go to Port Royal (near Paris Island S.C.) and look for prehistoric shark teeth, popular pastime in this area...only tiny teeth left after years of being picked over... occasionally a large one is found. I was supposed to be making paper and making Christmas Cards (I pulped up all last year's Christmas wrappings from 3 families to make post cards for this year) but hey... finding teeth is great fun !!!

Well, while there at Port Royal we witnessed a space launch from the Kennedy Center in Cape Canaveral Fl.!!!!!! clearly seeing the vapor trail... and found several shark teeth and some bottle caps in the parking lot.

I am collecting 1,000 caps for a paper project about litter... still need a few hundred more. This has been in progress for 2 years now !

I was also supposed to be working on a new meeting site for The Emily Dickinson International Society, Beaufort Branch !!!!!! of which I am a member - hopelessly in love with poetry, Dickinson and Whitman. The day turned out great and I got the postcards cut late into the night...... just don't know what to put on them yet... need to read a little more poetry ! Procrastination is my friend !

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