Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Challenge

Just returned from Phoenix where I was able to complete an artist book collaboration with artist friend, Pat Sahertian..... "In The Trenches, Hart Island NY". It began last spring with Pat's visit to my studio to custom make all the necessary paper for an edition of 3. We worked individually all summer on the art and finished binding in a very unusual but successful way in Phoenix. We have a gallery to show this work next spring but looking for other venues as well. Extremely fun and rewarding experience... looking for another idea for collaboration.

Creating paper for a specific use... to take simple elements and create something unique... is very powerful. This paper was meant to look like hardened ground... compacted dirt. We used cotton, abaca, canna lily, plant roots and actual dirt - for color - walnut hull dye.... hulls actually gathered in September on Long Island in the Islip Arts Museum parking lot ! The paper was crumpled and heavily gelatine sized. Result: a heavy very strong, rough beautiful paper (I'd like to frame a piece !)...... Pat helped me create this blog... and the challenge is to continue on my own... obviously including pictures with my words will be a very big and new challenge.... !

Making more sea grass paper today but will have to rearrange my studio for production.... it's a small space... papermaking / bookbinding / papermaking / bookbinding etc...


  1. Mary, it was great fun to have you here in Phoenix working on this project. You are an inspiration. Thank you.

  2. wow great job to both of you!