Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A.R.T. Picture This Gallery 2011

Concrete Illusion, detail


Concrete Illusion #4, detail

Art Recycled from Trash. A.R.T.

Picture This Gallery on Hilton Head in SC is hosting its second annual juried exhibit featuring items recycled into art. It was a huge success last year and has been expanded this year. It includes every imaginable form of art and media and is open to everyone. I decided to enter piece #4 from my "Concrete Illusions" series. These pieces are made of marine Styrofoam that washed up on a Long Island Beach, cast recycled paper, re bar also found on the beach and found objects acquired while digging for old bottles ! (boy, do I ever miss digging).

Untitled Concrete Illusion # 6

My paper was formulated to look like concrete... recycled paper with added hosta fibers (from my garden) for a gray color and undercooked daylilly leaves for texture along with torn pieces of black and white paper. The handmade paper while still damp is heavily glued to the Styrofoam with white glue and placed in strong sunlight... quick drying brings some of the glue to the surface adding to the overall look of worn cement. Results are always a surprise !

Untitled Concrete Illusion #4

This series is a comment on our constant destruction, wars, and poor stewards of the earth... a warning of the desolation we can create. Sort of dismal but always with a little hope (tree able to grow in concrete).

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