Monday, December 31, 2012

Recycled United States of America

An Evening of the Arts
Island School Council for the Arts
Supporting Promising Artists
September 21st, 2012

I love the use of printed pages for all sorts of things - notes, cards, tags, collages, decoupage and art pieces.  Maybe its my former life as a print maker - the ink, black and white or a beautifully type set page. I think its because the paper holds a message, word or  thought which adds a layer of energy to whatever it is used for.
Using a chapter from the an old discarded Encyclopedia Britannica titled - The United States of America. (also the title of the piece) I glued, rolled and dipped the pages in wax to create this work on canvas.

It was created for Evening of the Arts to benefit the Island School Council for the Arts  - Hilton Head Island, SC
The above are Holiday cards using book pages and newsprint.  "Best Holiday Fishes" was created by my friend and artist Pat Sahertian. The flag using a Christmas Angel stamp and news stories of 9/11/ 2001 was my Christmas card prayer/wish -Peace on Earth - for 2001.

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