Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BIG PAPER - success

I went over every detail of my process. I made sure that the mold and deckle was absolutely level and little to no sagging of the screen. This turned out to be very important for even drying.  I devised a system to remove as much water as possible (sham wow) both before and after pressing, improved the drying method and reworked the idea of the book form. Success
I propped up corners and tied down the deckle with wire measuring all precisely.

I dried only 2 sheets at a time between blotters and under weights.  I filled gallon milk jugs with water which worked like a charm....and easy to handle too! When done just empty and string up from ceiling ! The paper was dried inside a room with a dehuminifyer.

Since warping was possible wherever this book would be shown I decided to make a "fence" from thin wood  and glue the paper onto the back and front...joining panels with a series of tabs still folding in an accordion fold.

The finished paper stacked on the floor 14 sheets all together... success.

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