Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Investigating Fibers for Perfect Papers

My tulip fold book - pages: miscanthus paper, cover paper: Kristoferson Studio Itajimi paper

A previous blog mentioned a gift of Miscanthus plant fibers from Mira Scott owner of "Picture This Gallery" on Hilton Head Island, SC. A few rough samples of papers made with this fiber were pictured as well. Finally learning its properties (trial and error) I made some very wonderful papers. I used some to make this tulip fold 2 1/2" square book as a thank you for Mira. The paper folded beautifully.... it was worth the work of processing these fibers.

(2 1/2" square) August 2011

miscanthus fiber

Cotton boll breaking open.........

........fully opened boll- ---- Cotton !

My cotton crop (only about 2 dozen plants !) is finally maturing. I plan to experiment with the cotton PLANT itself... the lovely fibers that bloom, the actual cotton, are as strong as iron and could never be processed (by me) into paper in a small studio, although I might try one day.

Sometime this fall I will be giving the dried stalks a go !!!

"BIG" papers
I am working with Mira Scott on a large scale book that can be "walked" through when set up in a gallery. Mira is supplying her beautiful stories and artwork . I am creating the book structure and hand made paper. I finally decided after much experimentation to use a combination of cotton linter, abaca and corn husk for a little variation in the color and texture of the papers... and gelatin sizing for all. These large papers will be made sometime early this fall.... much too hot and sticky out for the papers to dry naturally at this point.

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