Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Book Buttons and Trenches

GREAT NEWS....."In The Trenches" the book collaboration with myself and Pat Sahertian is finally completed... all 3 volumes and one will be shown at:
The Gallery at Paper Mill Village
"Atlanta Mixed Media/Collage Exhibit"
March 5th- March 26th 2010

We spent an enormous amount of time in preparing this dedication to all those buried in a potters field - everywhere- those that go unnamed and unremembered. We traveled from Phoenix to Bluffton SC and Bluffton to Phoenix - experimented with many different pulps to get the paper for the pages and covers right - spent hours and many back and forth emails, video's and mailings to get our images right and then join all together. Two artists (originally from NY ) now in the South and the West with different ideas and techniques came surprisingly close to one uniform piece of work in this unique handmade book. (can be viewed on YouTube)

"In The Trenches" is specifically about Hart Island New York and the conditions that have existed for more then 100 years. The subject of this book is our reaction to a web site we came upon a year ago... "The Hart Island Project" with Melinda Hunt ... please refer to her web site for detailed information. However, the sentiments apply to all potter's fields. It's a tough subject.

We are very excited to have the opportunity to show this book ! Yea!

So exciting !!!!... I've found a way to make buttons from books.... and usable buttons at that ! To be used for closures, decorations, jewelry...... sweaters, vests - anything!!!! I'm just going to call them BOOK BUTTONS ... divided into... poetry, mystery, prayer, historical... math equations, music - different languages - just about anything printed in a book. This a very new project and seems like this will consume about every waking moment for awhile. I'm still making buttons from my hand made plant fiber papers - banana skins being the best so far.

I guess I can always find shark teeth along the beach in the fall !!!

What do you think ? Cute? Interesting... email me !

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  1. these buttons are amazing, endless possibilities. i love them.